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About us

We would like to connect people who believe in the same values as we do. We believe that there are still plenty of fair and honest people among us. If you think you are one of them, please join us and together we can do much more. Our main vision is and always will be a beRewarded model, which can be described as a new worldwide social-economical standard. This should be more like your personal social index, where others will be able to find out how you are behaving in today's world and if you are somehow helpful for a society. beRewarded should become new kind of currency, where you will know how and from where it was earned. It can be called as a sort of ethical money. beRewarded will be run as a non-profit model from creators, so it will never be possible to buy this currency from our side. You will only be able to earn it in places, which will be very carefully selected. This will be primary places, projects or individuals where you will be absolutely sure, that they are helpful to today's society. This is a long run project, so if you are looking for a place where you can get rich quick or where you can offer your fraudulent adverts, please LEAVE NOW.

Our story

To be fair enough, we do not like advertising. And You? We do not have good online advertising experience, but on the other hand, we believe there are plenty of great projects that are real and deserve our attention. We want to focus primarily on projects that favor long-term goals for society over short-term personal goals.

So if you are looking for an advertising platform that will be as simple and powerful as possible, which will not display fraudulent adverts and will be a place where you can trust 99%, we believe you just found it. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions to understand more about our platform.

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